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This new ebook from the Stanford Graduate School of Business unlocks secret methods to finding the next big idea -- and creating the next great innovative company. 
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Here's a peek inside the ebook:

Part 1 // Getting great ideas

  • How Do You Find Breakthrough Ideas?
  • 8 Different Ways to Get Great Ideas
  • Design Thinking Is About Doing
  • Creating an Impactful Company

Part 2 // Turning Ideas Into Reality

  • Balancing Criticism and Creativity: Why You Need Both for Innovation
  • Every Team Needs a Devil’s Advocate
  • How Do You Explain a New Product Category?

Part 3 // Baking Innovation Into Your Culture

  • How To Mitigate the Downside of Success
  • Why Business Leaders Should Not Avoid Competition
  • Finding a Corporate Culture That Drives Growth
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